Business Profile

Int'l Management Consultations for Government Entities, Major Commercial, Marketing, 

Banks, Financial Agencies, Educational Organizations and Non profit Organizations 



        Collaborated Management Consultancy Offices in the Middle East:

  • Arabian Center for Management Consultation 
  • Management Consultation Center 
  • Price Waterhouse 
  • Emasco (UAE)

Collaborated Academic and Training Centers:

  • Millersville University 
  • HACC Colleges 
  • State College 
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University 
  • E-Town University 
  • Ain-Shams University 
  • Training Center for Leadership 
  •  American - Egyptian Chamber of Commerce 
  •  Industrial - Commercial Chamber of Commerce 

Prestigious Companies in USA: 
  • Audio Dynamics
  • Int'l Services Inc. 
  • PENEL Trading Inc. 
  • JCP Inc. 
  • FUN National Bank 
  • ALLSTATE Bank 
  • Progressive Services Inc. 
  • Intex Marketing Int'l 
  • Medico Int'l Corp 
  • State of PA program for Social Services.
  • Community programs for non-profit organizations
  • Lancaster City 

Prestigious Companies in The Middle East: 

  • Shatex Group for Textile Industry & Marketing 
  • Al Zahrany Group 
  • Al Gahtany Group of Companies 
  • Al Yamama Cement Inc. 
  • Tel-Communication Int'l Corp. 
  • Red Sea Ports Co. 
  • PriceWaterhouse Consultancy Group. 
  • Int'l Co for General Construction 
  • EMASCO Inc. 
  • Ministry of Health 
  • University of Zagazig 
  • Al Maraee Inc.